Industrial Communications

To design a system that enables industrial communications, it is necessary to guarantee the compatibility of the elements that compose it. In Tempel Group we configure and supply modules for the integration of all devices: from serial port communications to the latest LTE connections. Our products ensure full connectivity and manage large amounts of real-time data. In addition, they conform to all the needs of the industrial sector.

Industrial Ethernet Switch

We have a wide range of industrial Ethernet switches that provide technical reliability, network redundancy and integrated security. We sell managed or unmanaged switches, Gigabit Ethernet, PoE switches and others. We also distribute these equipment for different types of assembly: in DIN rail or in rack; Our goal is to provide users with the solutions they require.

Industrial Access Point

In Tempel Group We commercialize access points that allow to extend the reach of the industrial wireless networks. In this way, we enable the connection of a large number of wireless devices to the fixed network. It improves its performance, reliability and speed. As a result congestion and failures are reduced.

Industrial Router

We offer a wide range of routers that ensure the availability of the Wi-Fi/4g network in the professional environment. Our extensive experience in the field of industrial communications and our support Service pre and after sales guarantee us.

Remote I/O acquisition

We distribute analogue and digital remote I/O modules with or without relay, aimed at the industrial sector. These autonomous systems are widely used in the IoT market, especially in the control and monitoring of industrial processes.

USB acquisition

Data acquisition via USB is the best technology for obtaining information from applications across a single channel. This resource is fast, simple and compact; In addition to a solution that offers high performance and portability.

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