Who are we?

Tempel Group is an international company specializing in consumer electronics, industrial engineering and energy efficiency. Supported in its technical equipment of projects, operation and maintenance.

Since its inception in 1978, the company has developed through four business areas: energy, engineering, consumption and services; And it has been expanded by all Spanish-speaking Portuguese countries.

35% of its personnel are engineers with a high technological level, an entrepreneurial spirit and a great concern for the future, which gives us a level of excellence in SERVICE, QUALITY, TECHNOLOGY, INNOVATION And EFFICIENCY.

Our history



Constitution of Tempel Group
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Exclusive distribution contract of batteries and personal care Panasonic and opening of the headquarters in Madrid. Offices are opened in Bilbao and Sevilla.
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Division of computer equipment and expansion in the Iberian Peninsula and creation of Tempel Portugal.
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Creation of engineering divisions and industrial batteries.
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Home things to do in LATAM. Inauguration companies in Argentina and Chile.
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Enhancing the activity and establishing the headquarters in Colombia and Brazil.
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Signing of major contracts in LATAM. It opens headquarters in Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, Panama and Ecuador.
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Tempel Group celebrates its 40 anniversary.
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Tempel Group is positioned as the main actor in the Latin American market and Iberian Peninsula.
We reinforce our role with a commercial activity in more than 20 countries and with their own offices in 16 cities.
Transversal Human team formed by professionals of different nationalities.

Committed to Quality

The demanding processes of selection of our products and services guarantee the quality of Tempel Group. Our passion for innovation leads us to develop new processes of quality and distribution. In the same way, the commitment and loyalty established with suppliers and customers for more than four decades of mutual collaboration guarantee us.

Facing the future

In Tempel Group we face the future from an innovative, transformer and breaker standpoint, anticipating to trends and exploring new markets. The ambition to discover new business opportunities and the deep commitment to the future of future generations Is our inspiration.

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