Direct UVC disinfectant lamp

The 36W CA/S I, II and III Direct UV lamp, with 1/2/3x PL-L 36W (253 nm UVC) direct emission and motion sensor, is an effective solution for the disinfection of bacteria, viruses, fungal spores and mould from the air and surfaces in direct exposure to its light beam.

Suitable for use in industries, hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies, public transportation, schools, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.

The luminaire integrates a motion sensor to stop its operation in case a person or animal enters its field of action, so that in no case shall be allowed the exposure of people, animals or flammable products to the direct or indirect emission of the luminaire.

Customized UVC lighting
Our range of UVC lighting has tailor-made solutions, adapting to the dimensions of
space. With this solution you can disinfect 99% of the viruses and bacteria present on surfaces.

*Cannot be used in the presence of persons


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